About Kelly Judge

Kelly Judge has had a life-long passion of working with children and music, and initiated her career path twenty years ago. She discovered her love of music as a child when she began playing piano at age seven and violin at age ten.  She also learned guitar in high school.  

Kelly graduated from Butler University in 2000 with a degree in Music Education and taught orchestra (grades 5-12) in the Kirkwood School District from 2000-2010. Her middle school and high school orchestras received both state and national awards. Kelly was awarded Teacher of the Year at Nipher Middle School in 2010. 

After leaving her teaching job to be a stay-at-home mom, Kelly used her free time to write music and play guitar. In 2014 she was asked by her son’s 1st grade teacher if she could write character education songs for the classroom. Kelly gave it a try and her songs were a big success in the classroom. A few years and twenty songs later, Kelly is excited to share her music with children, parents, and teachers everywhere!

The Power of Original Music

Kelly began writing original music when she was eighteen years old. Songs about love, life, friendships – everything that impacted her world at the time. Writing original music gave Kelly a sense of accomplishment and the ability to use a creative side. It was also very therapeutic – like writing in a journal. She has around twenty original songs that are not “children’s music.”



The Power of Original Music in the Classroom

Kelly began writing original music for the classroom at the request of an elementary school teacher. The teacher gave the possible song topics. When introducing these songs to the class – the students most definitely felt special; that these songs were “theirs.” Kelly then brought a really exciting element into the classroom which was writing an original song WITH the students. Kelly loves taking students through this process! Their feeling of ownership and excitement for the song is indescribable! Find out more about the steps in the songwriting process with a classroom.

“I decided to combine my passion for working with children, music, and character education all into one. It’s important that children learn how to be kind to one another, how to stick up for themselves, how to the deal with a bully, and how to have a positive mindset. These are character traits that will help them navigate through their school years and into adulthood. I want to help children at a younger age so that when they are middle schoolers and high schoolers, they have the tools they need to be happy and healthy.”– Kelly Judge's Passion for Music and Children
character education music
character education music
character education music

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